Friday, November 25, 2011

TORI NO ICHI, Open-market festival

"Tori no Ichi" is an open-market festival held at Otori Shrines mainly around the east side of Japan on the Days of the Cock in November every year.  Tori means cock, Ichi means market.

Several Otori Shrines are in Japan.  This is Otori Shrine in Otaku, Tokyo.   

The harvest festival by the farmers is said to be the origin of Tori no ichi.

The tradition of buying lucky charms in Tori no ichi is an annual event unique to the Tokyo area.  On the days of Cock in November, 'Tori no ichi,' stalls selling rakes decorated with lucky charms that bring in good fortune line up.  After you pray for your happiness, let's buy rakes.


So beautiful.

As you purchase a rake, maidens in the service of the shrine pray for the prosperity of family fortunes and business out loud.

Various fast food shops are on the street on the days of Tori no Ichi.

Buy your favorite food quickly and go home soon.  Hold your fortune with you and drop it at your home!

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