Friday, December 16, 2011

Sumida River Cruise

Sumida River has been the most famous river in Tokyo area for a long time.  Trains and subways are very convenient in Tokyo, but you can also go up and down a river in a boat to visit sightseeing spots.
This is the entrance.  Buy a ticket, and wait for a while...

Here are the cruise examples.

- Asakusa => Hamarikyu Teien  720 JPY (35 mins)
(You have to pay for the garden entrance fee when arrived) 
- Hinode Pier => Asakusa  760 JPY (40 mins)
- Hinode Pier => Odaiba Seaside Park  460 JPY (20 mins)
- Asakusa => Odaiba Seaside Park  1520JPY (50 mins)

You can see Sky Tree and Asahi Beer Building before you on board.


It's departing time!

 Inside of the boat.

The boat goes under the 12 bridges


Tsukiji Fish Market is on the right side.

After she stops by the Hamarikyu Teien, she leaves to the next port.

This is the cruising map. (from Asakusa pier to Hamarikyu Teien)

View Tokyo Cruise in a larger map

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