Sunday, April 22, 2012

KIMONO Photo Shooting in TOKYO

Would you like to try on Kimono?  Would you like to experience Kimono transformation?  I can take you to the Kimono world.

At some studios in Japan, you can wear a beautiful gorgeous kimono and experience photo shooting as a wonderful memory in Japan.  You do not have to bring anything to the studio, just make reservation in advance, and visit there with T-shirt and jeans. The studio staff consults with you for kimono selection, making up, and hair.

On this day, I took my friend to a photo studio and transformed her into a very beautiful exotic kimono girl. She was just like a fashion model and we are all fascinated with her.

For Kimono photo shooting, the first consulting time is about 15 minutes.  You can see the catalog and decide the Kimono.  Since the type of kimono are for wedding, you choose from either Shiromuku (white kimono) or Uchikake (colored kimono, mainly red) which are for Japanese wedding. Then, the studio staffs make you up, do hair, and dress kimono for about 45 minutes. Finally, your photo shooting starts, it takes about 30 minutes.

After photo shooting, you choose photos at the counter. It took about 2 hours for total.
three weeks later, you can have a photo album with A4 size photo.

The studio can also take photo of you and your boyfriend or husnband together. Your partner can wear Japanese kimono for male, too. 

Currently the studio above does not offer Kimono Experience.
However, we have just opened KIMONO PHOTO STUDIO WA in Oct, 2014 for all the visitors to Japan from all over the world!  We offer photo session with luxury kimono like in this blog page. The price is from JPY6,800 + tax (8%)~
For more details, please visit here,
We are located 1 minute walking distance from Meguro station, which is 5 minutes from Shibuya, 7 minutes from Shinagawa, and 12 minutes from Shinjuku station by train.
You can have the print and CDR on the day of photo shooting!

Experience Japan!