Sunday, May 6, 2012

Azalea festival in Nezu Shirine

Nezu area still has the atmosphere of old Japanese downtown. We can touch the feeling of 70~80's of Japan.

Now Nezu Shrine is holding Azalea festival.  The festival is planned from mid of April to beginning May every year.

We can enjoy many stalls in the shrine during festival, the stallkeepers sell foods, toys and games.  
This is one of the games, floating toys. You can pick the toys you want from the water by a bowl, JPY500... a little expensive?

The shrine gate.

And Azaleas.  Nezu Shrine has 50 kinds and 3000 azalea trees in the precincts of a shrine.

If you like Udon noodle, try this restaurant.  The restaurant name is "Nenotsu."  The Udon noodle is Sanuki type, which is popular in Kagawa prefecture of west Japan. On the weekend, the customers make a line in front of the restaurant.  The owner used to be a cramming school teacher, but he loved Udon noodle so much and he opened this restaurant after two and half year study at the famous Udon restaurant in Ginza, "Sakata."

The noodle is doughy and the soup is light and delicious! The noodle here is about JPY700 ~ JPY900.

The next is an old fashioned candy shop.  The shop name is "Koishikawa Kintaro candy" which was started in 1914.  

My favorite is soy flour soft candy, left side. (JPY150/100gram). The right is famous candy in Japan, Kintaro candy. (JPY200/100gram)  This candy is Cookie-cutter type candy, cut pieces of candy have the same faces. 

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