Sunday, August 5, 2012

Meeting Deer, Nara Park

Kyoto is the best place to visit to see the history of Japan, however, Nara is also very interesting location to feel the Japanese history.  Nara was the capital of Japan about 1,300 year ago, so lots of temples and shrines were constructed for religious purpose then. Those architectures are harmonized with the nature there, in Nara, everything is huge, vast, and magnificent.

In the east side of Nara, there is a huge park, called Nara park. In and around the park, there are famous temples such as Kofukuji and Todaiji temples, and Nara National Museum.

As you walk to Todaiji temple, you will see Nandaimon gate.  This was built in 1203, and the biggest gate in Japan. Can you tell how big it is to see the people under the gate?

Two statures of  guardian gods of Buddhism (Deva kings) are in this gate, they are guarding Todaiji temple. The sizes of these statures are 8.4m height each, and they are made from small wooden pieces.  800 years ago, famous architects, Unkei and Kaikei and their team, constructed these 2 huge statues only in 69 days.   

And another entertainment in Nara Park is deer!  They are designated as precious natural treasures in Japan and real wild deer.

 Let's buy Deer crackers and feed them. The crackers are 150JPY per pack.

They are very cute, but please be careful, they might bite, kick, butt and knock down!

Then, feed them. They might bow to you to beg the crackers.

It is only about 30minutes from Kyoto to Nara, please try to visit Nara to see the majestic historical statues and temples. Nara's mascot, Sento-kun will also welcome you. 

Experience Japan!