Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Best Burger in Japan, MOS BURGER

"The general election of the best burger in Japan" was on the TV show on the last weekend.  So I would like to share with you the best burgers here.  Five burger chains participated in the election (McDonald's did not), and there were 230 dishes total in their menu.  Those burger chains are MOS Burger, LOTTERIA, First Kitchen, Freshness Burger, and Burger King.  In fact, most of the best dishes were from MOS Burger.

MOS Burger was founded in Tokyo 40 years ago, and now there are more than 1,400 shops in Japan and more than 300 shops in Asian countries.  If you come to Japan, you should come across this green sign and M because hundreds of shops are in Tokyo.

The best burger was "MOS Burger. (JPY320)"  The meat source inside is really delicious.  Behind of it is "MOS Chicken (JPY240)," the 2nd best of side menu.  The deep fried chicken is very crispy outside and juicy inside.

Number 2 of the side menu was French Fried Potato, small size (JPY190), and Number 3 of the side menu is "ONIPOTE (JPY210)," which means onion rings and French fried potato together.  You can enjoy both of them at one time.  Put the meat source of MOS Burger on the French fries after.  The wet towel always comes with the meal. 

The 2nd best burger was "Teriyaki Chicken Burger (JPY320)."  You will be addicted by the sweet Teriyaki source.

And "MOS Shake, Coffee, small size (JPY210), was the 2nd best in dessert menu. Please try it, too.

The good thing at MOS Burger is that you can know the producers and the producing district of the vegetables.  The names and locations are always on the board.

Please try MOS Burger when you visit Japan.


MOS Burger Japan

MOS Burger Singapore (In English, but some menus are different between Japan and Singapore)

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