Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tuna Auction at Misaki Port and Jogashima island

Have you missed the tuna auction at Tsukiji Market? Don't you want to wait 1.5 hour from 4 am in the morning for the auction? Would you like to enjoy tuna and also peaceful countryside? Then, try visiting Miura port. It takes about 1.5 hour from Tokyo to this location.

We took a train from Shinagawa station to Misakiguchi station by Keikyu Line for 1 hour, then took a bus from Misakiguchi station to Misaki port for 20 minutes, got off the bus at Misaki port. Misaki wholesale market is 3 minutes walk from the bus stop.


The auction starts at 8 am. The visitors can watch the auction area from the second floor. No reservation and no getting on a line required.  The auction is quieter than that in Tsukiji because auction system is different, but the tuna amount is almost the same.  It depends on the visiting date, but you can also see the auction of other fish such as mackerels and sea breams.  When we visited there, there are only 10 visitors and we could see it as long as we want. The auction lasted about 1 hour. On the same floor, Misaki Shokudo restaurant opens at 6 am and you can enjoy seafood there, too. (closes at 15:00 and Wed is holiday)

Checking the tail meat is important! Japanese people LOVE tuna...

If you want to buy some fish, go to the fish market "Urari" near the wholesale market. You can see various kinds of fish and tuna. Here are red snappers, high grade fish.

Jogashima Island is on the south part of Miura port.  Let's go to see the dynamic Pacific Ocean!  This small boat "Hakushu" runs between Miura port and Jogashima Island from 10:45 till 16:00. The trip is only 5 minutes and costs only JPY200 per one way.  This boat runs by bio gasoline and no CO2 is emitted.

Let's walk to the other side of the island, going through small stores and walking daffodil roads... Watch out the kite birds, they are always watching your food.

You can see the Pacific Ocean and the rock beach.  If you are lucky, Mt Fuji and Boso peninsular can be seen.

The view from Glider Square is the best. Can you see a glider is flying? On the left side of the square, you can see the rock gate


If you go Miura port in Feb, do not forget to see Kawazu cherry blossoms at the Misakiguchi station.

To check the wholesale market holidays, you can check here.
The left side is tuna auction holidays and the right side is other fish auction holidays.
The market's homepage is

View Miura port and Jogashima island in a larger map

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