Sunday, December 7, 2014

3 Girls at Kimino Photo Studio WA, from India!

In October, Kimono Photo Studio WA was supposed to participate in Kimono Costume Show in the event train of Japan Railway Company. However, due to a big typhoon, our plan was all canceled... On my god... Even though the event was canceled, we decided to invite the girls who were planned to get on the train in Kimono! They were supposed to walk inside the event train then. 

They are all from India, and live in Japan with their family. Indian traditional costume is beautiful Sari, but today they wore Kimono and became Japanese princess!

With our kimono dressing and professional hair setting and make-up, she said that she was like a princess. Yes, she was such a beautiful princess.  

Our kimono style is called "Uchikake," and it is heavier than normal kimono.  You can feel the weight of the kimono when you wear, and we believer it will be a good experience to know Japanese culture and history.  This style is not usually found in other studios. She seemed to have enjoyed this experience very much.  I like her facial expression, very pretty.

She actually wanted to have photos taken with her husband. I am sure that her husband was glad to see her beautiful makeover photos at home.  Our plan includes green Matcha tea and Japanese sweets after the portrait sitting.  She said that they are very tasty, especially the balance of the sweets and the bitter tea.  

Say, cheeeeese  (^o^) 

Thank you for coming to our studio.  Next time, I would love to go to India and have photos taken in a beautiful Sari!

Here is the home page of our studio.
Kimono Photo Studio WA
TEL:  070-6455-9831
The studio is located 1 minute away from Meguro station.

More photos are here.

Experience Japan!

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