Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ramen@ Meguro, Nokatahope

Kimono Photo Studio WA, at which I work, is located in Meguro, Tokyo. In fact, Meguro is not very famous with international travelers. However, there are many good restaurants around here. I would like to write about delicious foods in Meguro more often.
First delicious food is Ramen noodles.  "Nokata Hope" is one of the famous Ramen shops and there are 7 shops in and around Tokyo. Their Ramen is "Tonkotsu" ramen, which is pork soup noodle with a pork bone broth. In addition, Nokata Hope adds vegetable and chicken soup, and makes their secret soup. The taste is soy source base, and you can choose the amount of backfat on it.


This is "Nokata Hope Ramen," JPY740. Roast pork fillet, green onion, seaweed, and cooked bamboo shoot. It looked fatty, but the taste was not fatty and actually was very tasty and could have the soup itself. (It maybe good not to drink the soup all... if you really care about salt and fat, though.)
You can choose how much you want to add the backfat, very fatty, fatty, normal, light, no backfat.

They have English menus, too! The restaurant has table seats as well as counter seats, so you can take your time to enjoy ramen.
Here are toppings on ramen, enjoy your taste!

Nokata Hope
1-5-16, Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3494-7736
Business Hours: 11:00 ~ 4:00 (in the morning)
Closed on new years holidays

Experience Japan!

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