Sunday, July 5, 2015

Spicy Ramen @ Meguro, Moukotanmen Nakamoto

If you like spicy food and ramen noodle, you should eat at Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto. We went to one of their ramen restaurants in Meguro, Tokyo. The restaurant is very crowed at lunch time and weekends, some time people make a line at the front.

It is only 2 minute walking distance from JR Meguro station, easy to find because it is chili spice color, Red! The shop curtain says "Makoto" means faith, and the business started in 1973. Two vending machines are next to the curtain... for the people want to make neutral in their mouths after.

The menu shows how much the ramen is spicy... with the number of fire mark. The spiciest ramen here is Hokkyoku Ramen, means "North Pole Ramen noodle." Sounds cold, but it is really spicy and hot! Be careful, not for beginners.

Buying the ramen ticket from the vending machine, and pass it to the staff. They are really energetic and friendly. You can ask how much the meals are spicy, too. They also have English menus, and it shows the grade of spices with the number. 

I ordered Miso Tanmen (vegetable noodle) JPY780, spicy level 3 because I am not that strong for spicy food. This is spicy for me but still can taste flavor and deliciousness in hot soup. The noodle is think and big volume with various vegetables. I got sweaty but the ramen was tasty.

My friend loves spicy food, and she ordered Gomoku Mouko Tanmen (Tofu, vegetable, meat, egg, etc noodle) JPY880, spicy level 6. It looks very spicy enough even though the level is 6! She likes ramen here, it is spicy and delicious.

If the chili pepper is not enough, you can add... I don't think so !☆♪♯!!

Even though their website is in Japanese, it is funny, take a look!

Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto - Meguro
2-13-45, Translink Bldg., 3, 1F
Kamiosaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo
No holiday, 10:00~24:00

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