Sunday, February 21, 2016

March 3rd is Girls' Day, "Hina-Matsuri"

March 3rd is Hina-Matsuri, which is the Doll's Festival or Girls' Day in Japan. Japanese families who have girls display Hina dolls to wish and celebrate growth and happiness of the girls. (But we have to go to school and work... I think it should be holiday...)

At Meguro Gajoen, which is close to our studio, Hina-dolls exhibition is currently held. There are about 1,000 dolls from north-east Japan, I think it is pray for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. I saw hina-dolls once washed away by Tsunami, which was impressive. 

Since photography was prohibited there, I took this photo at the entrance of Meguro Gojoen, not exhibit room. This is typical Hina-dolls. Emperor and Empress in beautiful kimono are displayed on the top of the shelf, people in ancient court were displayed under them. 

This is Empress.

The dolls on the side is hanging Hina-dolls. These were used to be made by non-rich family or relatives, who could not afford expensive Hina-dolls with shelves long time ago, and they had started to make the dolls by themselves. Each doll has meaning for wish of their girls' happiness. 

For example, the rabbit is a peaceful animal but their red eyes can ward off the evil spirits. Ground cherry has efficacy of medicine and can be good-luck charm. 

By the way, it is said that you have to put away all the dolls after March 3rd, otherwise your girl will be late to be married.

After Girls' Day, we are ready to welcome spring, we cannot wait to see cherry blossoms!

Hina-dolls exhibition is held at Meguro Gajoen until March 6th, 2016.
10:00 ~ 18:00, admission JPY1,500JPY per adult.

Experience Japan!

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