Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kaizoji Temple @ Kamakura

Kaizoji Temple is one of Zen Buddhism temple in Kamakura area, and famous as a temple of flower and water.  The temple was originally constructed in 12th century, however, it was reconstructed after it was destroyed by a big earthquake in 20th century. This temple is quiet compared to other popular temples and has solemn atmosphere

This is the main hall.

Thatched roof house is on the right side of the mail hall. This is used as the priest's living quarters and the temple's kitchen.

One of famous wells in Kamakura is in front of the temple entrance.

In the temple precinct, there is a rock cave and Uga deity is enshrined. Uga deity has a human face and a snake body.

Walking about 50 meter to the south from the main hall, "Sixteen Wells" are in a rock cave. It is said that Japanese great priest named Saint Kobo dug these wells, and the wells has been full of sacred water for 800 years. A Kannon Bodhisattva is enshrined at the center.

When we went to Kaizoji Temple on the last weekend of November, we could enjoy beautiful colored leaves. Flowers are blooming at this temple all year around. For example, daffodil and camellia in winter, cherry blossom and azalea in spring, hydrangea and lotus in summer, and autumn bell flower and colored leaves in autumn.

Kaizoji Temple
4-18-8, Ogigayatsu, Kamakura, Kanagawa
TEL: 0467-22-3175
Open: 9:30 - 16:00 No Holiday
Admission: JPY100

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