Sunday, June 16, 2013

Divine Spirits bless YOU! - Meiji Jingu Shinto Shrine 2

If you come to Meiji Jingu Shinto Shrine, you wish you to be blessed, right?  Meiji Jingu is a big power spot in Japan, thank divine spirits and get blessed.

In Shinto, we do not have only one god, which is different from other religions. Instead, we value for the harmony of us and nature. We have millions of divine spirits such as mountains', rivers', safe driving, kitchen's, even toilets'.  Probably the right one for the right position??

When you enter the precinct of the shrine, bow one time at the shrine gate for greeting and for acceptance of the shrine owner. Next, go to the purification fountain before you go to the main hall to purify yourself. This is to clean not the physical dirt, but to purify more spiritual dirt inside you. 

Take one ladle and fill it with water and rinse both hands. Then sip the water from your cupped hand and rinse your mouth. (Do not drink or do not sip directly from the ladle.) lastly, clean the ladle by the water left. 

At the offering hall, throw a coin into the offertory box, at least 5 yen. If you really really wish, maybe more... something 5 should be good.  Bow twice and clap your hands twice. Then bow once and put hands together. Tell your name and where you are from so that the divine spirits can recognize you and pray within yourself briefly. (Remember, the visitors to this shrine is 3,500,000 people per year!) 

You can also write your wish on Ema, Votive tablets for special personal prayers and gratitude toward the deities enshrined.  Ema is sold at the precinct near the main hall and the price is JPY500. Hung the tablet after you write your wish and leave at the shrine.  These Ema will be offered at every morning ceremony in the shrine, and your supplications are conveyed by the priests. 


At the auspicious calendar day, especially on the weekend, you might able to see wedding march in Japanese style. The couples are sooo beautiful. Congratulate them and get happy air :)  

If you wish to find a right person for marriage or wish your happy life with your partner, pray for these couple camphor trees. These trees are in front of the main hall.

I wish you good luck!
If your wish come true, please come back here to thank the divine spirits!
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Experience Japan!

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