Sunday, June 23, 2013

Top 5 Japanese Chocolate Confectionery - Chocolate Election

Last time, I wrote a blog about popular Japanese snacks.  This time, 2nd Chocolate Election was held on TV show.  Eight chocolate companies ran for the election, and here are top 5 chocolate in Japan elected by 10,000 Japanese people. Here we go.
Rank 5, Ghana MILK CHOCOLATE by Lotte. JPY105 for 55g.
Sophisticated cacao flavor with rich milk taste.  Lotte has sold Ghana Chocolate since 1964.
Rank 4, ALMOND CHOCOLATE by Lotte again. Lotte is a strong candidate!
JPY210 for 98g.
Not too sweet, but refined taste.


Rank 3, ALFORT Mini Chocolate by Bourbon. The company was named after French Bourbon, but pure Japanese confectionery company since 1924.  I liked Bourbon when I was child.  JPY105 for 67g.
The biscuit under the chocolate is very tasty and crispy. A sail ship is drawn on the chocolate.  

Rank 2, Pocky Chocolate by Ezaki Glico. JPY150 for 70g.
The sticks are coated by chocolate, and leave the bottom uncoated so that you can avoid chocolately fingers. In Europe, they are sold as Mikado.  There are many varieties such as strawberry, almond, even slim and mens'.  Find your favorite Pocky.       

Rank 1, KitKat Mini by Nestles. JPY298 for 15 pieces. Nestles is strong worldwide!  You are in Japan, so please try Japanese version of KitKat.  The photo below is KitKat Green tea (12 pieces). Nestles in Japan sells varieties of KitKat. Good for your souvenirs, too.

And if you stop by a convenience store, try this, too. This was rank 8, Black Thunder by Yuraku Confectionery. The name is scary, but this is only JPY32 per piece and sweet.

Experience Japan!

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