Sunday, January 26, 2014

SUSHIZANMAI @ Tsukiji in Tokyo

Sushizanmai is one of the famous Sushi restaurants in Japan. There are 53 Sushizanmai restaurants in Japan, and Lady Gaga also has been there. On this day, we went to the main store in Tsukiji, which is always full of people. Sushizanmai in Tsukiji has 3 floors and about 150 seats, both at the bars and tables.  It is open for 24 hours!

This is today's special, "Special tuna 5 pieces," the price is JPY1,180. The fattest tuna, medium-fatty tuna, red tuna, broiled tuna, and minced tuna. Fatty tuna melt in your mouth, compare the tastes of all.

This is also Today's special, "Special yellow tail, 3 pieces," the price is JPY398. They are regular, broiled and minced. Yellow tail is very delicious in winter season, please try.
These are spot prawn and flounder's fin. The shrimp is melty and the fin is chewy texture.   
This is my favorite, monkfish liver. This is perfect in winter!

If you like cooked Sushi ingredients, please try egg and sea eel with Teriyaki sauce. There are also popular with children.  

I always order soup with Sushi. This is Miso soup made from the bony parts of fish. It is a little difficult to eat bony fish, but the broth is very tasty. Another one is seaweed Miso soup. Seaweed is very healthy.
Sushizanmai Honten (Main store)
4-11-9, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3541-1117
Open 24 hour
3 minutes' walk both from Tsukiji and Tsukijishijo stations
(They also have set menu and lunch menu)
There are 8 Sushizanmai in Tsukiji area, if the main store is full, try other Susizanmai.
Experience Japan!

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