Sunday, March 6, 2016

Which Kimono is recommended at Kimono Photo Studio WA?

Kimono Photo Studio WA has many luxury kimonos to choose for our customers. We are often asked which one is good, so I would like to show you one of the kimonos from Basic Selection. This is my favorite one, favorite color, yellow. Our kimonos are all made of silk and hand selected by kimono professional even Basic Selection.


The brilliant yellow color makes you very gorgeous and vivid. This kimono design has many happy patterns such as Japanese fans, flowers of peony, iris, Japanese bellflowers and chrysanthemum. Each figure has auspicious meaning, especially peony is the symbol of a beautiful woman in high-class, and has meaning of happiness. 


Here are the customers wearing this kimono, how pretty!


Please find your favorite only one kimono at our studio!


Experience Japan!

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