Sunday, March 20, 2016

Try our gorgeous Kimono from Luxury Selection!

The best part of Kimono Photo Studio WA is that you can enjoy Uchikake style kimono. 
What is Uchikake style?? - it was the popular style worn by aristocratic women living in castles during the feudal era. Currently this style is wore by a bride at her wedding only. Even Japanese women admire this style because we cannot wear them maybe once in our lifetime!


So, I would like to show you one from our Luxury Selection. This is very gorgeous with glittering color, but still elegant. There are many cranes on kimono, and these are all embroidery so that the kimono is very heavy. The back side of this kimono is red color.


The cranes are very auspicious animals in Japan. Not only they look beautiful, but also they are symbol of long life, and they live together for their life once they get married. 


With this Kimono, you can enjoy the true generousness of kimono, and this matches all generations!


Please check our customers' beautiful pictures!


Please experience authentic kimono at our studio!

Experience Japan!

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