Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sushi-Go-Round, Katsu Midori @ Meguro, Tokyo

Once in a while..., no, more often, I become to want to eat Sushi. I love Sushi, as I had written it as my best favorite food in my elementary school composition... 

At Meguro, close to our Kimono Photo Studio, there is a conveyor sushi restaurant "Katsu Midori," and it always has lines in front at lunch time and dinner time. Plus, this restaurant is reasonable and delicious! One dish from JPY100~.

Finally when you can have a seat, take one tea cup on the conveyor and make tea with tea powder and hot water on the table. Soy sauce, ginger, chopsticks, menu etc are all on the table and counter. You can pick up and  eat sushi on the conveyor belt or you can order by writing what you want on the order sheet and pass it to the sushi chef. Please see this link for more details, too.

Today's special Platter B (5 pieces) - Fatty Tuna, Fresh Fat Salmon, Yellowtail, Jumbo Sweet Shrimp, Fresh Flatfish. JPY650. 
中トロ入り五貫盛B - 中トロ、生トロサーモン、はまち、大赤海老、平目 650円

Chyanko Soup - JPY200 Big miso soup with various vegetables.
名物ちゃんこ汁 - 200円

3 pieces of Blue Backed Fishes - JPY200  Sardine, Saurel (Horse Mackerel), and Mackerel
光り物三貫 - 200円 いわし、あじ、さば

It might be a little difficult for foreign travelers to order and eat at this sushi restaurant, but they have English menu and English speaking staff, so please try!  See this blog, too.

7 Sushi shops in Tokyo and Yokohama area.

Sushi-Go-Round, Katsu Midori - Meguro Shop
Atre Meguro2 1st floor, 3-1-1, Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
1 minute from Meguro station
11:00~22:30 (Last order 22:00)
Price Very Reasonable
Good for solo, couple, with friends, family (Both counter and table available)
English menu and English speaking staff available

Experience Japan!

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