Sunday, July 24, 2016

Japanese Souvenirs from Can Do 100Yen Shop @ Meguro, Tokyo

Tokyu Store Super Market is located on the first floor of our multi-tenant building, and on the 2nd floor, there is a 100 Yen Shop, Can Do. So it is very convenient for us to buy anything.

私たちのスタジオのビルの1階は東急ストア(スーパー)なので便利なのですが、その2階は100円ショップの Can Do があるのでさらに便利で必要なものは大体なんでも揃います。

Can Do now has many  kinds of Japanese souvenirs for foreign travelers, and I found good ones.


Sushi magnets. I am sure that my host mother in my school days in the U.S. would love them because she was putting many magnets on the refrigerator.


"Tenugui" is hand towels made from cotton, which can be used not only as a towel, but also for decoration, wrapping... They are very pretty with colors and patterns such as Mt. Fuji, gold fish, etc. It is hard to choose.


Speaking of summer, Japanese fans and wind bells. I am surprised that these are only 100 yen, too! If you present a fan to your friend, show her/him how to open it because some foreign people do not know how to do it.


For hand made lovers, Washi tape is recommended, maybe? The Japanese word "Washi" is used as English, very nice to know it (^-^)/


And this should be great for mens, right? Ninja stickers... actually I do not know how to and where I use this... but funny, I think? Probably I will buy this for my friend oversea even though I know this is not so useful, LOL!


All of them are only 100 yen each. Please check them out after you enjoyed the photo session at KIMONO PHOTO STUDIO WA!

ぜーんぶ100円です。KIMONO PHOTO STUDIO和の帰りに見てみて下さいね!

Experience Japan!

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