Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fake Food Sample Making in Ikebukuro

When you go to a restaurant in Japan, you can notice that many restaurants have displays of dish samples so that you can easily choose which meal you want. 

This fake food sampling technique in Japan is very unique and it is said to be the best in the world.

In Japan, there are some ateliers which you can actually experience and make the food replica.

OK, let's try.
Here is how to make Tempura.

With Tempura parts... these are all made from colored wax. Even though the wax is not used for food samples any more because new materials and technique were found and improved greatly, you can still enjoy making them with wax. 

The technique is very sophisticated, the craftsman said that it needs 6 year training to have the best color for perfect food replica. Here is how to make lettuce.

Now fake Tempura was made, even though our lettuce looks a little like a boiled cabbage leaf...,  anyway, they look good enough.

And a cup cake, too.
After you choose topping, (these are handmade from vinyl chloride and sculpted to look like the actual fruits.)

Decorating them with silicon cream. 

 Looks real and delicious, isn't it?

You can experience this fake food making only for JPY 1,575 ~ JPY2,100 per one tempura set or a sweet. It take about 30 minutes to 1 hour for one sample to learn how to make them and actually to make them.

Reservation is required for the sample food making, you can visit here and make reservation, or if you need help with English, you can email me. I will make reservation for you. The location is near Ikebukuro station.

Experience Japan!

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