Thursday, January 7, 2016

Japanese Lunch at WANOKA @ Meguro

Happy New Year 2016! I would like to update my blog more often in this year. 

Today, I came to a Japanese restaurant near our studio for research. Many customers ask us the good places to eat, but I am not professional around here, so... I will go and show you many restaurants around Meguro station more in this blog.

The restaurant's name is "Wanoka," literally means "scent of Japanese." Wa is the same word of our studio name, Kimono Photo Studio WA. So I like this name, haha. 

The restaurant is close to Meguro station, about 3 minute walk, and you can find the sign even though  it is located underground. 

Here is Today's  Lunch Special.
All are JPY850. You can choose from Tofu and meat set, baked salmon set, deep fried sakura shrimp and vegetable bowl, and cooked fish (teriyaki taste) set. All sets comes with a small appetizer, small salad and miso soup.

I wanted a deep fried shrimp bowl, but I chose baked salmon because I wanted to eat "Nanakusa-gayu," literally means  rice porridge with 7 kinds of winter vegetables. This is traditional Japanese food, which you eat on 7th of January to supplement vitamin with these vegetables in winter because vegetables were not enough long time ago in Japan. Also, this is eaten now as well to relax our stomachs which had too much feast in new year holidays. 


The porridge was very mild and the salmon was delicious with salt and sake lee taste. I went there before noon, it was almost full around noon, should be popular restaurant around here.

You see many Sake bottles back of the counter because this restaurant has Sake sommelier. Full-course Japanese style dinner is served in the evening with special sake. Also, they serve a dish, which a famous Samurai, Heizo Hasegawa, loved in Edo period about 200 years ago. 

I would like to come in the evening next time! 

WANOKA (和の香)
Nakagin Meguro Ekimae Mansion B1
2-18-20, Kamioosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
AM11:30~PM2:00 (only Mon-Fri)
Dinner: PM6:00~ PM12:00 (Last Order PM11:00)
Holiday: Sunday and National holidays
No English menu, good for couples or solo.

Experience Japan!

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