Sunday, May 5, 2013

Torishiki @ Meguro Tokyo, a Michelin star restaurant

Sushi, Tempura, Teriyaki... though there are various kinds of famous Japanese foods, I want you to try Yakitori as well.  Yakitori is grilled skewers of chicken and it is very popular in Japan, especially with beer and sake. However, at this restaurant, the atmosphere is chic and elegant and customers drink wine with Yakitori.  There is no smoke at all in this restaurant though they serve grilled chicken baked on charcoal. In fact, this restaurant has been awarded one Michelin star from 2011. 

The restaurant does not really have a food menu.  You just ask what you like and what you do not like, and the chef will serve you till you tell him to STOP. Trust and leave it all up to the chef :)

Thigh and breast fillet with wasabi... the fillet was medium rare and so soft. Next is chicken liver, this is also rare and sooo soft... and unbelievably no smell at all.

Ginkgo nuts and chicken gristle.  Nuts' texture was not the one I have ever tasted, and the gristle was tasty and crunchy.

Chochin (lantern) is the egg still not born from a hen. It spread out in your mouth as you chew it.  This is the highlight of this restaurant. And Eringi mushroom with lemon. Anyway, all are very delicious ^o^

And lastly, chicken and egg bowl and chicken soup with rice. At this time, 2 hours have already passed, wow we forgot the time! All foods are super delicious in this restaurant, I really mean it!


The restaurant has only 17 bar seats so that the chef can take care of all customers any time. You can tell the service of this restaurant is in the top level. 
Only one bad thing for this restaurant is Reservation... bookings are taken from the 1st of the month for up to 2 months in advance, but mostly all days become full very quickly. But do not give up, there is a second turn system for this restaurant.  Try to ask your hotel concierge to call Torishiki and try the second turn, there might be a spot around from 9:00 pm even though you have to wait till your phone rings. A little English is spoken at the restaurant. I wish you good luck!

2-14-12 Kami-Osaki, Shinagawa-ku
TEL: 03-3440-7656
Opening hours: 6-11 p.m.: closed on Monday and holidays.
The price is about from JPY5,000 plus drink
Experience Japan!


  1. I desperately need a reservation to surprise my husband at the end of October. Can you help

    1. Sorry that I did not notice your comment. I hope you could eat there at 2nd turn.