Sunday, October 26, 2014

Delicious SUKIYAKI, Imahan

Once in a while, I feel like eating delicious beef.  This time, I went to Imahan, one of the famous beef restaurants in Ginza.

Imahan was established in 1895 and it offers high-ranked Japanese marbled beef as Sukiyaki and Shabushabu in Tokyo. Lunch time meals are comparably reasonable, and you can use a single room without extra charge at lunch time. The room is Japanese style, and has tatami mat and alcove. You can feel Japanese atmosphere!

Imahan mainly uses Japanese black beef and serves them at the best timing with their aging methods. 

We ordered Imahangozen, which includes appetizer, steamed egg custard with assorted ingredients, Sashimi (sliced raw fish), small-size Sukiyaki, rice, and dessert.  The price was 3,564 JPY per person. The photo below is serving for 2.

The waitress in Kimono cooks and serves for you. What you need to do is just watching and waiting for the delicious beef to be cooked! The taste is Teriyaki taste, with soy source and sugar, and maybe something special. It is Japanese style to dip the beef and vegetables in stirred raw egg and eat them. The beef is very very soft and tasty.  After, the waitress cooks the egg left and served it with rice... the small egg bowl is delicious, too, because the egg has the beef flavor.

The dessert was orange sherbet.

Kojun Building 5F, 6-8-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 81-3-3571-5333
Hours AM11:30 to PM10:00
No holidays, Closed for New Year Day

You should taste thin sliced marbled Japanese beef.
Experience Japan!

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