Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office

The Tokyo Metropolitan government administers the 23 special wards of Tokyo in the eastern part, 39 cities in the western part of the prefecture, and also two island groups.

About 13 million people lives in the prefecture of Tokyo, which means 1 of 10 people lives in Tokyo!  Also, Tokyo has the largest metropolitan economy in the world, and its GDP is about the same with Mexico's GDP.

The Metropolitan Buildings consist of three main buildings.  Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No.1 is 243 meters (797 ft) high, Tokyo Metropolitan Main Building No.2 is 163 meters (535 ft) high, and Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Building is 41 meters (135 ft) high.

The best part of this building is its observatory. You can enjoy the view of Tokyo from 202 meters high for free.  The elevator takes you to the 45th floor after 55 seconds.

Shinjuku Park Tower in front and Tokyo Opera City in the back.

You can see the Tokyo Sky Tree in sunny weather.

And if you are lucky, you might be able to see a guest.  This time, Kumamon from Kumamoto prefecture in Kyushu was visiting Tokyo and he stopped by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government office.  He was found and surrounded by the paparazzi... guess he is so popular.

Experience Japan!

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