Sunday, November 3, 2013

Popular Ramen Shop, KAMUKURA

RAMEN noodle might be the most famous Japanese food, probably next to Sushi and Tempura.  It is not expensive and very convenient as fast food even when you are busy.
This Ramen shop, Kamukura started its business in Osaka in 1986. The noodle became very popular and now Kamukura has its branches in Tokyo and Yokohama, too.  Their advertising slogan is "After you eat Kamukura Ramen for 3 times, you will be addicted."

This is "Oishii (in Japanese, delicious) Ramen with Soborodon (a small rice bowl topped with ground pork meat, which is seasoned with soy source and sugar, etc.) The Ramen itself is JPY650, and with Soborodon, the price is JPY900. Set menu would be good for men. The soup of this Ramen is light and mild, not very thick. Many women come to this shop for the light soup as well. Plenty of Hakusai (Chinese cabbage) and some sliced roasted pork fillets are on top of the Ramen.  

If you want to change the taste from light to a bit spicy, add some garlic chive for free on the table. You can taste double for this Ramen! You can also add some green onion, a boiled egg, seaweed as optional.
I went to Kamukura Ebisu shop, which is located in Ebisu station Atre building and very easy to access.  There are more than 20 shops in west Japan area and 3 shops in Tokyo area. Here is the map for Tokyo area.  
Business Hours:
Kamukura Shinjuku  24hours, only closed on Mon 8:00 ~11:00AM
Kamukura Shibuya  9:00 ~ 8:00+1, 24 hours on Fri and Sat
Kamukura Ebisu  10:00 ~ 1:00+1

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