Sunday, February 10, 2013

634 Meter High Tower! Tokyo Skytree

I finally went up on the Tokyo Skytree!! 

The height of the first observatory deck is 350 meters, which is already taller than Tokyo Tower. 

Currently, Tokyo Sky tree is the tallest free-standing broadcasting tower in the world, and the height is 634 meters.  The tower's structure consists of two parts; a steel-frame tower body and a center column at the core. The column stabilizes the main structure to reduce swaying during high winds and earthquakes.  This structure is originated from five-story pagoda, and the tower actually endured the earthquake on Mar 11, 2011.

On this day, I made a reservation in advance, and I could get the ticket very quickly.  It was very windy so that the tower was on safety operation mode... sounds scary...

Anyway, I made up my mind and went up on the tower! This is the elevator hall and the arts of the inside of each elevator were so beautiful.  Enjoy your elevator when you go there. 

The elevator is the Japan's fastest, transports 40 passengers each time.  It reaches a top speed of 600 meters per minute. 

This is the view from floor 350 meter high!  You can see Tokyo Tower, Roppongi Hills, and Ryogoku Sumo Stadium.  All look like miniatures.  Unfortunately, we could not see the highlight Mt. Fuji on this day because the sky was cloudy.  I hope you can see the Mt. Fuji on your visiting day.

You can go more up to the floor 450, observatory galleria, too.

Other entertainments in the tower.

Tokyo Skytree exclusive goods shops are on 1F, 5F, and Floor 345. 

Glass Floor.  You can look down at your feet.  Breathtaking view!
You can also have photos taken with the grass floor and background views. 

Super craft trees are on the 1st floor.  There are 12 works made by Tokyo's traditional materials and techniques. 

Tembo (observatory) Deck:  JPY2,000 per adult, JPY1,500 per juniors (12-17 years old), JPY900 per child (6-11 years old), JPY600 per child (4-5 years old)  Children under the age of 4 years are free.  Advance purchase needs extra JPY500 per ticket. 

For Tembo Galleria, JPY1,000 per adult, JPY800 per junior (12-17 years old), JPY500 per child (6-11 years old), JPY300 per child (4-5 years old). This ticket can be purchased at the floor 350.  

"TOKYO SKYTREE Web tickets" may be purchased in advance online. But only credit cards issued in Japan are accepted for online reservations. So travelers should use the travel plans of travel agencies or the accommodation plans offered by the friendship hotels.

But I think you still want to check the weather and go up, right? The best way to go up smoothly is to go to the tower early in the morning or at night. The tower's business hour is from 8:00 am to 22:00 pm. (Last entrance 21:00) The waiting time around 8:00 am or 20:00 pm is less than or about 30 minutes on weekdays.  On Sat/Sun/Holidays, the time will be double or more.  I went to the tower on Thursday, and the waiting time at 12:30pm was about 3 ~4 hours. (This day was just before the 3 day holidays, and the elevator was slow due to strong wind, so it depends on the weather conditions as well.)     

Tokyo Skytree
Cennected to Oshiage station and Tokyo Skytree station

Experience Japan!

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