Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kimono Photo Shooting in Asakusa Tokyo, with Kitty

Would you like to take photos in Kimono with Kitty? There is a place for that in Asakusa, Tokyo. This time, I had a very cute family customer from Singapore :)  Hello Kitty Photo Studio Calane can take your photos in pretty kimono with professional make up and lovely hair set.

On this day, this little princess was firstly embarrassed with kimono, but later, she was very excited and energetic. All the studio staff was attracted with the princess and her mom.

In Japan, we have customs which 3 year old boys and girls, 5 year old boys, and 7 year old girls are cerebrated for their growth with kimono.  So this studio has kimono for the kids of the ages.

Her father was surprised at his daughter and wife had changed into gorgeous kimono girls!

The kimono with colourful flowers fit her very much. The Obi (kimono belt) was also wonderful, tied like a big ribbon on the back side.

She was already a kid model, so cute!!

This studio needs 3 weeks to complete photo printing, so I will send the photos to your country. The fee is about JPY3,000 - JPY6,000 including my handling fee. (It depends on the country and weight of the photos.)

This will be a memorable experience for you!


Hello Kitty Photo Studio Calane has closed.

We have just opened KIMONO PHOTO STUDIO WA in Oct, 2014 for all the visitors to Japan from all over the world!  We offer photo session with luxury kimono like in this blog page. Please visit here,
We have kimonos for children as well. (^-^)

Experience Japan!

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