Sunday, February 9, 2014

Japanese Crab Restaurant, KANIDORAKU

Japanese people love crabs. When I go to an aquarium and see crabs, I think they look delicious... and I think many Japanese think the same way. In Japan, crabs are more popular than lobsters, and we can mainly eat 3 kinds of crabs. Snow crabs are middle size with long legs, mainly lives in Japan Sea area. Rock crabs are smaller size and covered with hard hair, and mainly caught in the sea around Hokkaido Island (the North Island). King crabs are big size with very long legs, mainly caught in Okhotsk Sea.
Crab restaurant, Kanidoraku (Kani is crabs in Japanese) is one of the famous crab restaurants in Japan. You can easily find them with their shop sigh.
We went to eat at the lunch time. I ordered...
Kani Shabu Shabu - time limited and can be enjoyed till Mar4, 2014. My choice was 6,300 yen course.
Crab with vinegar, easy to eat because the shells are already cut and served.
Crab Sashimi, it melts in my mouth. 
Two kinds of crab shabu shabu (Snow crab and King crab). Ponzu (Soy sauce with vinegar), sesame sauce are served together. Compare the taste of crabs and sauce!

Lastly, porridge of rice and vegetables, Japanese pickles and dessert. The porridge is cooked with the crab soup in the shabu shabu pot.

also ordered Crab paste koura yaki. (crab butter), JPY1,155.

My husband ordered Lunch time JPY3,600 course.
Crab with vinegar, Crab sashimi, Streamed crab egg custard soup, Salad, crab gratin, Deep-fried Crab, Crab Japanese pilaf, Japanese pickles, Japanese soup, dessert.
Deep-fried crab is one of popular dishes here!

Winter is the Crab season! Please try to taste Japanese crabs if you have a chance! We went to Kanidoraku restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. You can enjoy in a relaxing atmosphere because the rooms are separated.  

Kanidoraku Restaurant, Ginza 8-chome branch
8-7, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
ginzanain Building No. 2 2F

TEL: 03-3572-7272
Open: 11:30 - 23:00, No holiday

There are many Kanidoraku restaurants in Japan, in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ueno and also Osaka area.

Experience Japan!

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