Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bamboo Temple - Hokokuji Temple in Kamakura

Hokokuji Temple is a temple of Zen Buddhism, and was established in 1334. The principal image is enshrined in the main hall. After you visit here, let's go to the back side of the temple.

The temple is also famous for its Moso Bamboo gardens, and is often called "The Bamboo Temple."  You can fully appreciate the beauty and the power of about 2,000 bamboo trees all year around. High-rising bamboos gives here sacred atmosphere.


The tea room, "Kyukoan" is at the end of the bamboo garden. You can have green tea viewing the garden, which brings you peace of mind. Take a deep breath, and have clean air.

Even though it is small, you can also appreciate a dry landscape garden at this temple.
Hokokuji Temple
2-7-4 Jomyoji, Kamakura, Kanagawa
TEL: 0467-22-0762
Open 9:00 - 16:00
Admission: JPY200, or JPY700 if you would like to have green tea.
About 30 minutes walk from Kamakura station, 7 minutes by taxi,
or get off at Jyomyoji bus stop and 3 minutes on foot (about 15 minutes in total)
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