Sunday, April 6, 2014

Japanese Traditional hand craft, Tsumami-zaiku (Tsumami Kanzashi Flower)

I am currently learning "Tsumami Kanzashi Flower," which is one of the Japanese traditional hand crafts and was developed in 18th century.  By pinching and folding small square pieces of fabric with tweezers, flowers and birds can be made, and they are usually for hair accessories for girls in kimono. No needles and sewing is needed for this craft, they are put together by glue.

These are the ones I made so far. You can make them easily as long as the flowers are simple ones.


Today, I challenge to make a bigger hair piece.  Here are the parts (wire, beads, string and pieces of fabric etc.) 

By pinching and folding by tweezers, I made flowers one after the other.

Finally I made it! It was a little tough and time taking for me... but I think I made it pretty good.  I would like to use these kinds of hair pieces for kimono photo shooting and also would like to offer experience sessions for tourists soon. Please look forward to it!

Experience Japan!


  1. I like it so much.
    If you have time, please visit my blog. I learn tsumami zaiku too :)

    Greetings from Indonesia

  2. Wow, you do in Indonesia? Wonderful. Please let me know your blog address (^o^)