Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kanazawa Kenrokuen

If you visit Kanazawa, you cannot miss Kenrokuen.  Kenrokuen is one of the top three gardens n Japan. (the other two are Kairakuen in Mito-city and Korankuen in Okayama-city.)

Kenrokuen was first started to be built in 1676.

This is the statue of Takeru Yamato, who is the hero as a great commander in Japanese legend.

Ken means combined, Roku means six, and En means park. So this garden has six attribution for perfect Japanese garden; seclusion, spaciousness, artificiality, antiquity, abundant water and broad views.

Ropes are installed for the trees in Kenrokuen before winter comes, the device is called Yokizuri.  Yukizuri is to hang the branch with the rope so that the branch should not be broken during winter.  

The plum trees are budding.


This is the oldest fountain in Japan. The water is spouted by the power of natural water pressure, not by the pump or motor power. 

Admission fee is JPY300 for an adult. Let's breathe fresh air in classic nature.

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