Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree will be the highest as a television and radio broadcasting tower in the world. The tower reached its full height of 634 metres (2,080 ft) in March 2011, and it will open on May 22, 2012. It is still under construction.

The tower is an earthquake-resistant building, LEDs are mainly used for lighting, so it is good for environment, too

Now let's check photo points to take good shots.

This photo was taken at Genmori-bridge. You can take a photo of the Sky Tree with a local train and a river.

Taking a walk to Sumida river, Asahi Beer Building will be in front of you.
Can you see that this building is a glass of beer with the head?
The next art object shows Flying Nimbus

Crossing the Azuma-bridge and going across the Sumida river. 

This is the second photo point for Sky Tree!

Now Sky Tree is very popular in Tokyo. Everybody comes to see it.

Currently, the Sky Tree office is only accepting reservations from groups of 25 or more.  But just watching and walking around the tower is fun, too.

View The Sky Tree photo points in a larger map

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