Sunday, April 8, 2012

SAKURA, Cherry blossoms along the Meguro River

Japanese people completely get freak of Cherry blossoms in this week.  After the official announcement that the cherry trees are in bloom, people keep talking about how much blossoms bloom, where is the best location to enjoy, and how is the weather on the weekend.  

And I am not the exception.  In this year, I came to see cherry blossoms to the Meguro River.

About 800 cherry trees are along the Meguro River.

Sakura Tunnel.

Beautiful weather. 

Sakura parties under the trees.

Tea ceremony under the trees.

Wishing we can enjoy the cherry blossoms in the next year and forever! 

Please come to see us in Sakura season, and experience Japan!

View Cherry blossoms along Meguro river in a larger map

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