Sunday, May 27, 2012

Power spot, Yasaka Shrine

Yasaka Shrine is located on the east end of Shijo-dori in Kyoto city.  This is the main shrine for Gion festival held in every July. 

As you can see, the shrine is very colorful.

Yasaka Shrine respects three main gods, Susanoo-no-mikoto, Kushiinadahime-no-mikoto, and Yahashira-no-mikogami, and also many other gods.  Espeically, Susanoo-no-mikoto is a great god in Japanese mythology, known for his defeat of a huge sneak with eight heads.

It is said that the Shrine was constructed in 656.  With the development of the capital in Japan, the worship for the shrine was widely spread. Today, about 3,000 satellite shrines exist in all over Japan.

In this shrine, you can pray for the god of marriage.   Here is the branch shrine for the God, Ookuninushino-mikoto.  It is said that this god is the son or grandson of the main god of the Yasaka Shrine.  The reason why he is the god of marriage is that he was so popular with women and he got married 6 times and had 181 children according to the legend!  You can see him in this photo, he is with a rabbit. (He also has a legend which he saved a rabbit and cured the injury.)  Let's pray for your good marriage here.

And here is the main sanctuary of a shrine.  

Many people come for the first shrine visit of the New Year.

I liked the architecture, too. 

Yasaka Shrine is known as the terrific power spot in Kyoto.  Why don't you visit Yasaka Shrine if you want strong power from God?

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