Sunday, June 3, 2012

River Terrace Dining by the Kamo River

The most famous river in Kyoto is the Kamo River.  The riverbanks are popular walking spots for residents and tourists.  

At the corner of the Donguri Bridge and the Kamo River, there is an Italian Restaurant, "Scorpione Kichiu."

Since Kyoto is located in a basin, it is very hot in summer and very cold in winter.  So people in the Edo period contrived how to feel the cool air in summer.  It is the river terrace dining.  We can see it in the old picture retracing around 1700.

And still now, the view of the Kamo River has not been changed.  In summer, restaurants open balconies looking out to the river.

The foods are good, too. 
Assorted appetizers.
Main dish, we ate fried white fish today.

Listening to the sound of the river streams, the delicious dishes get more delicious.  River Terrace Dining by the Kamo River is called in Japanese "Noryoyuka," means cooling floor because the river is running just under the floor of the eating place. 

Maybe it is good to eat at the lunch time in May and June, and eat at the dinner time in July and August because it probably gets too hot in the daytime in Kyoto in the summer. There are many restaurants around the river, please find your favorite one.

Lunch time: A course - JPY2,500, B course - JPY4,800
Dinner time: A course - JPY4,800, B course - JPY6,800, C course - JPY8,800
Tax included, No tip needed.

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