Sunday, July 1, 2012


Long time ago in the age of Civil wars in Japan, there were spies served for the feudal lords fighting for supremacy and they played secret roles in Japanese history.  No names, unsubstantial.  Now they are well known all over the world.  Do you know NINJA? If you want to meet ninja, here is the best and mysterious restaurant for entertainment. NINJA AKASAKA.

As you enter this restaurant, ninjas welcome you and take you to the seats.  On the way, you can see the atmosphere of ninja world and also can see the secret tricks.

The food menus are on the scroll.  The scroll at that times was actually the ninja's handbook which the innermost secrets are written.  The menus are all very interesting and full of ninja secrets.

Let's check menus.

Turban shell bombs a la escargot.  JPY1,500.

Sashimi of the day on floating leaf or Snow crab and grapefruit served with a sword trick.  As you pull the sword from the grapefruit, smoke comes out! JPY1,500.

Sushi Shrimp roll with violet rice.

And dessert, Bonsai ice cream. JPY1,200.

During dinner, a ninja master comes to you and show you ninja magic.  You will be surprised by his professional magic for sure. Time slip to the old Japan, enjoy eating and feel ninja world.  The foods are a little expensive, but there are reasonable course menus as well.

Ninja Akasaka is open every day. From Monday to Saturday, Dining/Bar 17:00-26:00. On Sundays and holidays, Dining/Bar 17:00-23:00.  It is better to make reservation in advance.  The restaurant staff can speak English.
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