Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kimono Photo Weddding in Tokyo

Since I wrote about Kimono Photo Shooting in Tokyo, I received many emails from all over the world, thank you very much.  And this time, I took my guests from Singapore and Malaysia and transformed them into the Japanese bride and the bridegroom.  They were such a wonderful couple, and so fabulous in wedding kimono style. 

The kimonos at the studio are elegant kimonos of wedding style, which even a Japanese girl wear once or not in her life.  They are worth wearing in your stay in Japan.  

In Japan, a white kimono is usually for a wedding ceremony, and a colored kimono is for a wedding reception.  The white color at the ceremony means that a wife would be any color of her husband in the future... romantic, isn't it?

The photo on the right side is taken in Japanese sitting style.  You can take in various kinds of styles, and different backgrounds, with a Japanese umbrella, a sword, fans, and flowers.


The photo shooting starts with consultation.  You can request how you want your make-up and hair, and how you want your photo shooting, for example, in casual style or in traditional style.  After, you choose your kimono from the catalog.  Men's kimonos are 3 colors, white, gray, and black. Girls' kimonos are various kinds, there are about 3~4 kimonos in basic plan, and more kimonos and options with extra charge.  

Once girl's make-up and hair are completed, photo shooting starts!  No worry, the studio staff know the best angles and styles, you just smile as usual.  You will be surprised that your partner transformed such a cool guy and such a beautiful girl. 

After the photo shooting, you choose photos at the counter. Maybe it is very difficult to choose them. Then you can add some photos, too. It takes about two hours for total. 

The price for the wedding kimono photo shooting is about from JPY30,000 to JPY40,000 per couple. The price depends on the kimono grade and photo prints.  It includes kimono dressing, make up, hair making, and photo prints.  For adding more pictures and photo data, additional charge is required. It is prohibited to take photos with your camera in this studio.  The studio can take photos of a single girl, too. 

We have just opened KIMONO PHOTO STUDIO WA in Oct, 2014 for all the visitors to Japan from all over the world!  We offer photo session with luxury kimono like in this blog page. Please visit here,

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