Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tofu Cuisine at Sasanoyuki and Kaneiji Temple

Tofu is now known as healthy and nutritional food worldwide.  If you are a Tofu lover, try this traditional restaurant. 
Sasanoyuki, a tofu restaurant near Uguisudani station in Tokyo, opened 320 years ago and has served soft type of tofu, silken tofu since then.  At that time, one of the imperial princes loved this tofu, and he expressed that the tofu was very soft and beautiful just like snow on a bamboo leaf.  In Japanese, bamboo leaves are Sasa, and snow is Yuki, so this restaurant became to be called Sasanoyuki, and from that time up until now Sasanoyuki continues to supply tofu as a gift to the Imperial Family.  You can still find the signboard 320 years ago inside of the restaurant.  Also, there is a small Japanese garden inside as well.           

Shiraae, tofu paste with assorted vegetables.  Mix everything together and taste them.



Ankake tofu, tofu dressed with a soy flavored gravy-like source, slightly sweetened. Yellow mark is mastard.  Since the imperial prince requested the servant to bring 2 bowls at the same time because they were too delicious, Sasanoyuki has served 2 bowls of this tofu when ordered.  The tofu on the left side is sesami tofu with miso source.

The tofu dishes here are all rich, thick, and tasty.  The dishes below are deep fried tofu and seafood and vegetables wrapped with soy milk skin in seasoned soy milk broth.

And the dessert is tofu ice cream with plum source, very good!

By the way, there is a temple called "Kaneiji" near this restaurant.  When you get full, take a walk to this temple. Even though not many people visit here, six Shoguns (generalissimos) in Edo period are buried in the precinct of this temple.   

Tofu restaurant, SASANOYUKI
2-15-10 Negishi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Open hours: 11:30 ~ last order 20:00
Closed on Mondays and New year holidays (when Monday is a holiday, closed on Tuesday)
The course price is from JPY2,000 on weekdays and JPY2,600 on weekends.
The menu includes both full course meals as well as entrees. They have menus in English and a special vegetarian menu as well. 

Experience Japan!

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