Sunday, March 31, 2013

Misaki Maguro Kippu - Tuna Ticket

If you visit Misaki Port, "Misaki Maguro Kippu (Tuna Ticket, in Japanese)" has good value.  You can buy the ticket at Keikyu Line stations in Tokyo area and Yokohama. 

This is Maguro Kippu, comes with a small pamphlet.  The ticket includes train and bus tickets, a meal coupon, and one ticket for selected entertainment.  Let's open the meal coupon's guide book and check which restaurant you would like to go during train ride. It takes about 1 hour from Shinagawa station to Misakiguchi station by Keikyu Line

From Misakiguchi station, take a bus to Misaki sea port.  The bus departs from No.2 bus stop about every 15 minutes. Not all buses go Misaki port, so check with the bus driver.  It takes about 20 minutes from Misakiguchi station to Misaki port. 

The ticket includes your choice of entertainment, you can choose one from:
1.  Admission fee of Aburatsubo Marine Park (You need to take bus to Aburatsubo)
2.  Hot Spa admission of Jogashima Keikyu Hotel, Hotel Keikyu Aburatsubo, or Maholova-minds Miura. (Jogashima Keikyu Hotel is near Misaki port, you can go Jogashima island by a boat, 5 minutes.)
3.  Glass boat admission for Nijiiro Sakana Go. (This departs from Misaki port)
We chose Nijiiro Sakana Go, in Japanese, Rainbow color fish boat.

It was not rainbow... but we could see the fish in the sea.  This boats runs from 9:20 till 16:00, 8 times per day. Here is the time table.

And I think this is the highlight for this trip, eating tuna at your choice of restaurants. This time, we went to Sushi Uooto because we are already hungry and this restaurant opens from 10 am.

At this sushi restaurant Uooto, we could choose from 3 meals, a tuna sushi assortment, a local seafood sushi assortment, and a tuna bowl. I ate a tuna bowl, I could taste all parts of tuna, red meat, fatty part, eggs, heart, and guts...

My husband ate a local seafood sushi assortment, to be honest with you, I think his was better than mine, haha.

I think Kurobatei might be better even though I could not eat there because it is famous restaurant in the area. You can choose from these 3 meals with Maguro Kippu.
Also, you might able to see that somebody is ordering tuna head piece at this restaurant, which even I have never seen in real before... ummm I should visit there again. 

Keikyu Maguro Kippu cost: JPY3,060 from Shinagawa station.
The cost without this ticket: total JPY5,160
Train: JPY 930 x 2, Bus: JPY300 x 2, Glass boat ride: JPY1,200, Lunch: JPY1,500
So I could save JPY2,100! Not bad, isn't it?

Let's leave Tokyo early in the morning to avoid the traffic jam!
Experience Japan!

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