Sunday, April 7, 2013

Japanese Cool Stationery

Have you ever looked into a Japanese stationery shop? I think Japan has a lot of cool stationery with neat devices to make them more convenient.  I am not sure if you have the same ones in your country, but I would like to show you my favorite ones. They were also in Japanese TV show and popular ones in Japan.

PLUS Stationery, Deco Rush, JPY294.  This is just like a correction tape, but you can decorate letter paper and envelopes or I think almost everything made from paper. The tape inside can be replaced and there are variety of tapes. For girls!

KOKUYO, Harinacs compact, JPY550.  This is the stapler withOUT staples.  No need to buy staples any more. No need to take out staples when you put documents through the shredder any more. The paper will have a small hole instead though. This compact type can hold up to 5 sheets of paper.

Kanmido, coco fusen, JPY525.  This is Post-it notes in a card-type case.  You can put in your wallet and your business card holder.  The Post-it notes can be refilled, too. 

NICHIBAN, tenori Hankonori, JPY420.  This is sticky tape or glue tape in English, I think? You can use this as a glue stamp or glue tape like this photo.  600 times can be used as a stamp.  No need to wait till the envelope gets dry. The paper can be adhered instantly. I always use this when I seal an envelope.

And this is the one I want to recommend you the most!  PILOT, Frixion Ball, JPY598 for 3 colors, or JPY210 for one color. Frixion Ink is used for this ballpoint pen, and the ink can be eased by the heat of friction. No eraser dusts are left. No big mark after erased.  It took 30 years to invent this product for PILOT company.  Now they are sold in about 100 countries, you might have seen them? This is sooo convenient for me because I do not like using a pencil, but sometimes need to correct my writings. Just be careful the writing will be disappeared when outside temperature gets 60 degree Celsius (140 degree Fahrenheit).

You can buy the stationery in this blog at a stationery shop in a department store or a mall, or try visit Loft which is Japanese retailing for all kinds of items for home, garden, and office.  Loft is found most of big cities.
Please buy one for your souvenir.

Experience Japan!

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