Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vibrant Town, Dotonbori Osaka

Most of the Japanese people know where this famous Glico sigh is...  Dotonbori, Osaka!  I went to Osaka during holidays in May.

Osaka's nickname used to be "Kitchen of the Nation," and it is taken over till today.  Osaka is famous for its food.  Dotonbori was located at the south part of Osaka and named after Mr. Doton Yasui, who devoted his fortune to construct the canal about 400 years ago.  After, the Japanese government invited playhouses to this place, and then many restaurants were built for the people who gathered to enjoys the dramas.  

You can also get on a boat and enjoy Tonbori Cruise from here.  

Dotonbori town was always crowded with people (this day was holiday and even more crowded!) and very busy. Let's go to the south street of the canal, and enjoy the lives there. You will be amazed by the giant signs of the many restaurants.

Giant crab at Kani Doraku restaurant. Not only it is huge, but also moving! The width is more than 5 meter and the this sign's price is about JPY7,000,000 (about USD 70,000.) 

Sushi is huge and puffer fish is also huge!

The sign of a grilled beef restaurant.

Golden Dragon Ramen noodle shop. Enjoy noodle with thick pork broth.

And please do try Takoyaki - octopus bolls - when you come to Osaka. Takoyaki is soul food for Osaka people.  Some shops and stalls are very popular and the customers were making a line on this day. This shop name is Kukuru. You can see what Takoyaki is in this website.  

Dotonbori is also busy at night as a neon-lit street.  Even though the north part of the Osaka is good, but visit also south part of Osaka and feel the vibrancy of Dotonbori town! 

Dotonbori, Osaka
1 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
5 minutes walk from Namba station

View Dotonbori Street in a larger map

Experience Japan!

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