Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kimono "Oboro-Some-Shibori" at All about Kimono Fair

We had “All about Kimono Fair” at Kimono Photo Studio WA on Feb 6, 7, and 8th. A wholesale dealer in Tokamachi town of Niigata prefecture came to Tokyo this time and sold kimonos at special prices. Also, we offer kimono cleaning, used kimono for sale (300 JPY!), and Kanzashi flower making experience workshop.

I saw a super luxury kimono at this fair!  Can you see in this photo?? Yes, at left side...

This kimono is tie-dyed all by hands, and called Oboro-Some-Shibori. Oboro is misty, Some is dyed, and Shibori is tie.  The price is JPY2,000,000!! Some of this type of kimonos take more than 1 year to make it. 

I love tie-dyed fabric, so this kimono really fascinated me... very beautiful. Look, all of these patterns are tied by hands one by one. Colors of this kimono were made by shading off the fabric by brush made from deer's hair. The kimono has very soft gradation.
The shop owner let me try this kimono on for one minute! It was very soft and light.

If you are interested in Kimono, you might be able to see a luxury kimono like this in the next fair (Not sure when is the next fair, though...)

Tokamachi town is famous for kimono and has 2-3 meter high snow every year. I would like to visit there some day. 

Experience Japan!


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