Saturday, April 9, 2016

Kimono with cherry blossoms along Meguro river

Cherry blossoms were in full bloom and really beautiful along Meguro river in this week. It is only 5 minute walk from our studio to Meguro river. We went there for outside photography for our customers in this time.


First, we stopped by Daienji-temple, and prayed our customers' good luck to deities of travelers...(We can guide the temple and show you traditional way to pray there.)

まずは大円寺に寄って道祖神にお祈りして... (お寺のガイドもしますよ!)


Then, we went through Meguro Gajoen, which is the oldest wedding and banquet hall in Japan...


Finally we got to Meguro river! How beautiful the cherry blossoms were!


They are such a nice couple from Russia. The weather was so nice, the best day for flower viewing. I am sure that they always well-behaved :) The kimono she chose was really good on her and she is so pretty!


At KIMONO PHOTO STUDIO WA, we can also offer outside photography in kimono with your request. Please inquire anytime. We are looking forward to seeing you here!


Experience Japan!

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