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Special Exhibition "The NINJA - who were they?" in Odaiba, Tokyo

A Special Exhibition "The NINJA - who were they?" is currently held at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Nihon Kagaku Miraikan). I have to go there because I am from Ninja prefecture. 

お台場の日本科学未来館で企画展「The NINJA - 忍者ってナンジャ!?」が開かれています。伊賀忍者の三重県出身の私としては行かねばなりません。

You can actually throw Shrikens (knives) and experience shadow cloning techniques in the waterfall. (You might want to go there with kids, though.)

Even though this exhibition is mainly for kids and their family, there are some places for entertaining adults.


Goshikimai - the five colored rice code.
Ninja arranged a code system with colors and combination among team members, and used them to show messages of directions and detection. 


Invisible ink is the phenomenon in which a liquid (especially citrus fruits) that becomes colorless when it dries is used to write text on the paper, and the invisible text becomes visible when it is roasted. Japanese kids used to do this in childhood at least once.... but I did not know Ninja used this technique!


Here are the legends of the NINJA.

It is said that...
- Ninja could run on the wet paper!
- Ninja could jump from the height of 15m (5th floor of a building).
- Ninja could travel 15.7km per hour and 157km in one day.
- Ninja could jump up over a height of 2.7m from standing position. (So he could get on the top of a big truck.)
I wish they could go to Olympic starting today though they can't because they are spy...

- 忍者は濡れた唐紙の上を走り抜けられた。
- 忍者はビルの5階から飛び降りることができた。
- 忍者は東京から静岡まで1日で走る事が出来た。
- 忍者はトラックの屋根に飛び乗る跳躍力があった。

You can see the real text book for Ninja and the skills of Ninja from 49 schools are written - "Mansenshukai."


If you are interested in Ninja, please try!


Period:  July 2(Sat), 2016 - October 10(Mon), 2016
Opening hours:  10 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Entrance closes 30 minutes prior to museum closing time)
Closed:  September 6, 13, 20 ,27/ October 4
Admission fees:  Adults: 1,600 yen, Junior (Elementary school students to 18 years old): 1,000 yen (900 yen on Saturdays), Child (Preschoolers over 3 years old): 500 yen

Location:  National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Nihon Kagaku Miraikan)

Experience Japan!

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