Friday, December 30, 2011

The Great Buddha at Takaoka

There are the three greatest Buddha statues in Japan. Two are very famous, one is in Kamakura, and one is in Nara. The 3rd one is not known well, it is in Takaoka-city, Toyoma prefecture.

It takes sooo long time to go to Takaoka from Tokyo, but you can enjoy looking at the scenery from the train window. First, getting on Joetsu Shinkansen for 1.5 hour. The train goes into mountains.

Then, transferring to Hakutaka (white hawk) Express at Echigoyuzawa station.
It takes 2 hours to get toTakaoka.

The train runs through snow mountains in winter, and after, runs along Japan sea.

Finally the train arrived at Takaoka station. You can go to the Great Buddha by street car or on foot.

After 10 minutes walk, you can see the Great Buddha!
Because Takaoka is the town of copperware, and is famous for its refined production techniques for copper products, this Great Buddha was produced in 1933.

He is 15m 85cm tall, 65 tonnes weight.  It is said that this Buddha is the most handsome Buddha in Japan.

I like his small beard.

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