Sunday, January 8, 2012

Samurai town, Kanazawa

Kanazawa city was prospered as a castle town in Edo period, and bountiful rice production made the region wealthiest. Even now, you can enjoy classic as if you slip back in time.

Kanazawa has so many temples everywhere.
And one famous temple is Myoritsuji.
This temple is also called as Ninja temple even though no Ninja was here.


This temple was built in 1643, and this temple's Buddhist priest was the counselor for the feudal lord. The temple was designed as a hideout in case of attack, or escape. This temple looks 2 floor house, but actually it has 4 floors inside. There are 23 rooms and 29 stairs, but many of them are hidden. You can also see trick doors and escape routes. That is why this temple is called Ninja temple. 

This is lighted stairs. Backside of this stairs is a room for servants. In daytime, they get light from this papered stairs. Or they could see enemys' steps from backside at night.

You can only see inside of the temple by tour only because you get lost if you go inside by yourself. Please make reservation first.
Admission is JPY800.

Next historical place is Nomura Samurai House, Michelin Guide 2 star spot, in Nagamachi district. It takes 15 min walk from Myojitsuji. This house is famous for its Japanese garden.

This Samurai residence was completed in 1583.

By the way, various Japanese sweet shops are around here...

You can enjoy tasteful Kanazawa even after you get home.

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