Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sumida River Fireworks Festival

On July 28th, Sumida River Fireworks festival was held.  This is one of the biggest fireworks festivals in Japan.  In Japanese, we say fireworks as hanabi, meaning fire flowers.

History of fireworks goes back in Edo period.  In 1732, Japan was suffered from famine, and also plague spread throughout the country.  So the Shogun at that time decided to hold a water Shinto ritual to heal the souls of victims. Some restaurants were allowed to launch fireworks at that time, and this is the beginning of fireworks in Japan.  Now Japanese people feel that they must watch fireworks in summer. 

This year, we can watch the fireworks with Skytree!

Everybody are ready for picnic! About one million people come to enjoy this fireworks every year.

In this festival, 20,000 fireworks are displayed. It starts at 19:05 and ends at 20:30.

Please enjoy fireworks festivals if you come to Japan in summer.  We have lots of festivals all over in Japan, especially on the weekends in July and August.

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